Monongahela National Forest

Monongahela National Forest


Whispering Pines Trail

The Monongahela National Forest protects more than 921,000 acres in eastern West Virginia (WV), including vast areas near the cities of Davis, Elkins, Parsons, Marlinton, Webster Springs, Richwood  and White Sulphur Springs. Much of the range of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia is located within the forest. Many of the highest summits in West Virginia are also found here. Many West Virginia rivers source among the mountains within the forest.
Hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and wildlife observation are primary recreational pursuits accommodated in the forest; though caving, rock climbing, and snowmobiling are notable activities in regionally specific areas. More than 800 miles of trail wander through the forest. Eight U.S. Wilderness Areas are located within the territory of the Monongahela National Forest.

Counties in the National Forest

The Monongahela protects one of the largest contiguous areas of land in West Virginia, including parts of the following counties: Grant County, Tucker County, Randolph County, Greenbrier County, Webster County, Preston County, Nicholas County, Pendleton County, and Pocahontas County.

The Monongahela National Forest is managed by the U.S. Forest Service, often in concert with adjacent areas of the Washington & Jefferson National Forests of Virginia and eastern and southern West Virginia.

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